September 21, 2016

Nourish + Thrive Book

nt-coverNourish & Thrive: Happy, Healthy Childbearing, is a sixty-page publication that began as a short stack of articles Kim wrote for her clients through the early days of her practice with an eye toward helping each to achieve and enjoy the best possible state of health for childbearing.

Topics explored within the pages of Nourish & Thrive include the safety of birthing at home, lifestyle considerations for expectant and nursing mothers, the value of vision through pregnancy and birth, what to expect at and around a homebirth, and options for handling the various discomforts and disorders common to moms and babies.

Over the years, and as that stack grew, Kim found a great many mothers beyond her beloved clientele interested in the particles of information she’d gathered, so she transformed those articles into this book. Kim hopes it will help you and those you love achieve both the health and the happiness you desire as you move through your own childbearing years as well.

A copy of Nourish & Thrive may be purchased at the Book Patch for $13.99. Nourish & Thrive exists on this site as a series of seventeen blog posts, rendering it easy to examine prior to purchase.

If you’d like to make copies of Nourish & Thrive available to your own clients, or to stock them in your store, orders of ten or more may be purchased for $7.99 each. Email Kim for details!


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