Sarah’s Sweets

I met Sarah Lawrence several years ago now and, though I wasn’t able to attend her first birth at home due to complications, and had moved away by the time she birthed her second, our souls struck a cord, and we’ve loved one another ever since.

Sarah’s a beautiful woman all through, a dedicated wife and mother, a gifted writer and musician, and passionate per the welfare of all those around her. It’s been a true privilege to know and experience her.

The stories of her births are raw, inspiring, and worth hearing. Join me now as she shares them with us.

The Birth of ZJ

3 thoughts on “Sarah’s Sweets

  • Such an amazing story. It brings tears to my eyes everytime I read it. I am amazed by the contrast in births between ZJ and Xavy; what a difference some love and compassion make in the process.

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