A Chat with a Pair of Dads!

Oh my gosh! What a great time!

I treasured the opportunity to spend an afternoon sharing what I treasure with two most authentic men and their audience.

Sam and Blaine Eldredge of And Sons Magazine invited me to join them for this week’s podcast to, as Sam put it, “talk about birth! Our audience is young men. Many of them are young married guys who have no idea about the world that is their wives’ bodies when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. So we’d love it if you have the time and the desire, to come in to the studio here and drop some education on them!”

Click here to listen in on our talk: And Sons Magazine | Podcast | Kim Woodard Osterholzer: Birth, Dudes

Way, way before I was a midwife, I was a very young woman who desperately hoped I had what it would take to give birth to our baby at home.

I was married to a very young man who hoped he’d prove adequate in his intense desire to support me as I gave birth to our baby at home.

And we did it!

And we were transformed!

And I love, love, love the chance my calling provides me to walk other families into and through like transformative experiences!

Sam and Blaine are “brothers, adventure seekers, writers, sons. We aim to explore what it means to live with authentic masculinity as we step into the many intersecting systems that compose our world today. This podcast was born out of a shared desire to see quality content address a wider landscape than what most people would assume to be ‘Christian’ or ‘masculine’ or ‘Millennial.’ The name ‘And Sons’ calls upon the history of apprenticeship, of following in our fathers’ footsteps, of a shared experience at a core level, because we are all sons, and our goal is to become students. We use the podcast to join our audience in exploring two things. The first is how the millennial world, as a largely novel environment, works. The second is how someone becomes, over time, a person of passion, competency, and vision.”

Click here to see what else these men have to offer!

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