Lessons Learned Among the Amish

Lessons Learned Among the Amish

A little snippet from

A Midwife in Amish Country
Celebrating God’s Gift of Life

“I’d come to cherish the warmth and charm of lamp and lantern light, to treasure visions of intricate quilts stretched across hand-fashioned frames and the thrum of treadle sewing machines—I’d glory in the rows of magenta beets and golden peaches gleaming in glass jars on pantry shelves, the loaves of fresh bread cooling on racks, the great vats of fragrant grape juice bubbling away on stove tops, the metal pails of speckled eggs awaiting washing, the rank and file of tomatoes ripening on window sills, and the basketfuls of dappled apples smelling tartly sweet in doorways…

I’d be at home with rainbows of braided rugs scattered across hardwood floors; with grandfather clocks and saw blades and footstools painted and burned and etched with wedding announcements and the names and birthdates of babies; with dinner bells and weather vanes and lightning rods standing at odd angles from rooftops; with well-ordered gardens edged with beds of brilliant flowers; with stands of fruit-laden trees; with the delightful variety of family-run shops with “no Sunday sales” printed on their signs; with the wonderment of teams of six and eight Belgians led by barefooted school boys; with the clip-clop and clatter of horse-drawn buggies rattling down dusty roadways; with the distinctive cadence of Amish talk; with the melody of women breathing through their labors; and with the splutterings and wails of newly birthed babies…

Though I’d never come to envy the brutality of their lives, I’d become entirely captured by the hospitality, the frank earthiness, the generosity, the insatiable curiosity, and the appetite for fun marking these uncommon people—my clients, my teachers, my friends…”

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2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned Among the Amish

  • I’m so excited to read this book! I’ve got mine pre-ordered! Look forward to meeting you someday. We feel blessed to have had you fantastic daughter,
    Hannah at our birth. Midwifery really bonds mom’s and care providers. It’s a friendship we as mother’s truly cherish.

    • Oh, yay! I’m so glad you were able to have and come to love our amazing Hannah! And, yes, it certainly does bond us together, doesn’t it? I was just thinking yesterday how blessed I am to have a job that basically entails cultivating priceless friendships ♥

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