Cindy Lambert’s Endorsement!

“A Midwife in Amish Country is a captivating read. Kim Woodard Osterholzer keeps us spellbound with the intimate beauty and earthy tenderness of midwifery among the Amish, taking us where we’ve never been before and immersing us in the most sacred of moments.”

—Cindy Lambert, coauthor of One Light Still Shines, Perfectly Unfinished, Unplanned, Unstoppable, and 40 Days for Life.

Every time I see Cindy’s beautiful face my heart fills with love and gratitude. Cindy was the first professional to consider the wild array of some 90,000 words I fondly referred to as my book had real potential.

Cindy got her start in the business as owner of a Christian bookstore, then she took leadership roles in distribution, editorial, and publishing at Ingram, Simon & Schuster, and Zondervan, where she served as vice president and associate publisher of trade books. Cindy is now the publishing strategist for Somersault Group, serving clients in assessing the next best steps in building their publishing career and providing editorial services, proposal development, and collaborative writing services. Cindy has co-authored the bestselling book UnPlanned with Abby Johnson (Tyndale and Focus on the Family, 2010), 40 Days for Life with Bereit and Carney (Cappella Books, 2013), One Light Still Shines with Marie Monville (Zondervan, 2013), Unstoppable with Christine Caine (Zondervan, 2014), Perfectly Unfinished with Andrea Logan White (Zondervan, 2017), and others as a collaborative author.

In the springtime of 2016 I signed up to attend the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference in Estes Park, and as I perused and pondered the many ways I could spend the week there, lighted upon Cindy’s book proposal clinic. I was acutely aware I needed a spectacular proposal by then and, after having the proposal I’d crafted rejected several times, understood mine was a bit lacking in the spectacular department.

I applied to attend the clinic and prayed I’d be accepted as Cindy only takes six students at a time. I was thrilled when I received my acceptance letter and set straight to work on the assignment I was to have ready a few days ahead of go time. 43 or so laboriously created pages later, I met Cindy and my five classmates.

Taking Cindy’s class was the key that unlocked and opened every door from that point on. I can’t even begin to describe what I learned, not only about writing book proposals, but about writing in general and the publishing industry in particular.

From there I hired Cindy to help me further with my proposal, and then it was she who, of her own volition, introduced me to Wes Yoder, my stellar agent, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Dearest Cindy, I will never cease being thankful for who you are and for all you did to help see me through to this bright day 

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Stasi Eldredge, NYT best-selling author of Captivating

Dr. Sara Wickham, author, midwifery lecturer and consultant,

Jolina Petersheim, bestselling author of The Midwife

Leslie Gould, #1 best-selling and Christy-award winning author of over twenty books, including The Amish Midwife 

Rahima Baldwin Dancy, author of Special Delivery, childbirth activist, and midwife (retired)

Marie Monville, author of One Light Still Shines

Cindy Lambert, coauthor of One Light Still Shines

Elizabeth Davis, CPM, Co-Director of National Midwifery Institute, Inc.,, author of Heart & Hands: A Midwife’s Guide to Pregnancy and Birth and the international bestseller, Orgasmic Birth: Your Guide to a Safe, Satisfying, and Pleasurable Birth Experience

Serena B. Miller, award-winning author of More Than Happy: The Wisdom of Amish Parenting,

Eleanor Bertin, Lifelines and Pall of Silence

Sara Daigle, author of Women of Purpose and Dare to Love Your Husband Well

Beth Learn, founder of


Kim Woodard Osterholzer, Colorado Springs Homebirth Midwife and Author

Books by Kim:

Homebirth: Safe & Sacred

Homebirth: Commonly Asked Questions

A Midwife in Amish Country: Celebrating God’s Gift of Life

Nourish + Thrive: Happy, Healthy Childbearing

One Little Life at a Time: Recommendations + Record Keeping for Aspiring Homebirth Midwives

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