Interview With a Homebirth Midwife

It’s an interview with me!

Several weeks ago I was contacted by Serena Salvato, a young wife, mother, doctor of microbiology, and the founder of a new podcast called The Push Guide. Serena explained to me that when she moved to the United States from England, she was grieved to discover what a remarkably few women here choose to birth naturally. Serena herself has enjoyed two lovely natural births and, while she knows natural birth isn’t for everyone, she realizes many women unwittingly opt out of their own opportunities simply per lack of information.

Serena’s heart is to fill in a measure of that missing information by providing an avenue for women to tell their natural birthing stories, as well as to peer into the minds and hearts of those who serve the natural birthing community, and I’m excited to report that she’s invited me to participate in her project!

We recently spent an hour together over Skype with Serena asking me many, if not most of the questions I’m asked when I meet with perspective clients, and it was so much fun! I do love to share about what we midwives do!

Click on the link below to listen in on our conversation!

The Push Guide, by Serena Salvato.

And be sure to visit and subscribe to Serena’s website, The Push Guide to hear her other interviews and to read an account of Serena’s own birth stories. Interviews with several of my clients will be posted in the weeks to come. If you’d like to share YOUR birth story, message me for Serena’s contact information, or connect with her directly through her website!

Kim Woodard Osterholzer, Colorado Springs Homebirth Midwife and Author

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