Heaven on Earth


Fifteen days in Michigan, and what a time it’s been so far!

I feel like I’m having a dream, and can scarcely believe I’ve been here only two weeks. I want to write a nice blog post, but my ability to think and write are swirling madly amidst the miles, the homecomings, the gatherings, the myriad prenatal and postpartum visits, the births, the deaths of friend’s fathers, the giggling children, the boisterous dogs, the long awaited coffee klatches, the reimmersion into Amish culture, the sunsets and sunrises, the late nights, and the early mornings – I’m living on roasted nuts, apples, coffee, infrequent showers, quick sits out under the stars, and randomly snatched naps – but such wondrous times are these! I’ve welcomed my son home from three years in the Army, I’ve begun getting to know better the loveliness of the lovely young woman who’s captured his heart, and I’ve witnessed the breath-taking births of three glorious brand new baby girls, including the birth my own granddaughter!

My own granddaughter! I can scarcely wrap my head around that, and at the time it’s the most real thing I’ve ever experienced. Hannah and I plan to write a bit about Evangeline’s birth together soon, but for now, I’m struggling just to survive this pace! But I’m enjoying every moment more enormously than I could ever have imagined I would.

These weeks are like a microcosm of the last three years – years filled with meetings and weddings, comings and goings, changes, adventures, and, of course, the births of yummy babies. A friend wrote on my Facebook page the other day, “I know you’re just in heaven right now,” and she’s exactly right. The fullest, messiest, most gorgeous heaven I’ve ever experienced while walking upon this earth.

Photograph by Glorious Birth Photography

Thank you so much for the gift of your time!

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