Vitamin K and the Newborn by Dr. Sara Wickham

One of the things I love and appreciate most about Dr. Sara Wickham besides her wonderfully warm heart is the way she’s able to probe, deconstruct, decipher, and translate the abstruse data and directives that swirl around the childbearing family and their care providers—empowering us to ask our questions and think things through from a variety of perspectives.

Sara does this for us with excellence in her illuminating book, Vitamin K and the Newborn.

In Vitamin K and the Newborn, Sara provides the opportunity to thoroughly inspect the subject and its many facets— examining the terminology assigned to the issue and the ways that terminology may inadvertently influence our views, reviewing what is known about the topic and what is actually yet unknown, and scrutinizing the matter’s full spectrum of weighty concerns.

Sara makes the refreshing way her mind works clear when she says,

“…as our knowledge grows and moves on, we need to be open to continually reshaping what we THINK we know. Part of the problem is we’re always looking for clear-cut, black-and-white, all-or-nothing answers… it’s relatively easy to scare women and families into making a decision by emphasizing risk and giving ‘fear-based’ information. It’s harder to strike a balance where one is honest without being unnecessarily scary and to take a compassionate and gentle approach to communicating information without glossing over the enormity of some of the possible outcomes… there is a substantial difference between seeking to ensure that parents are fully informed but respecting that their decision may be different from ours and trying to bully people into making the decision that someone else thinks is the right one…”

Thank you, Sara, for this wonderful resource! It’s always a pleasure to learn and grow with you ♥

I invite you to visit Sara’s website and order your own copy of Vitamin K and the Newborn!

Kim Woodard Osterholzer, Colorado Springs Homebirth Midwife and Author

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