The “S” Word!

It’s been my privilege and my joy to serve Jammi and Ben and their beautiful family through the births of most of their children – six out of seven! We first met in the year 2000, while I was yet an apprentice. Their son, Joshua, came during one of the wildest weeks of my life that included a snow storm, three births, an emergency transport for a prolapsed cord, a transfer out of care for postdates, a funeral, a hospitalization, and an attempt to relocate a very aggressive dog – all while my husband, Brent, was on a gang management training trip to Arizona.

By the time Amber came along, I was a fully fledged midwife, and by the time Naomi was born, Hannah had become my apprentice. Jammi, then, served as my apprentice through the first year Hannah was away to YWAM (she as the apprentice in the twin birth story, What We Do), and, by the time Seth and Isaac were born, Hannah had returned and morphed into my partner. Isaac was one of the very last births I attended before my move to Colorado. Through these years of service, Jammi and Ben Pace became steadfast friends. Jammi was like a second mother to Paul, and Ben was like a father to him – a thing Paul sorely needed in the wake of his dad’s death.

I’m excited to share the story of Naomi’s birth today. It was a beautiful one, with some good laughs and a near miss or two – for example, I nearly named the new baby Naomi Hannah Woodard on her birth certificate thanks to the fact that Hannah was still Hannah Woodard then, and Hannah’s great grandmother was Naomi Woodard. As for the rest of the story, I’ll let Jammi tell it herself.

Jammi Pace

Hi! My name is Jammi, wife to an amazing man, Ben. We’re the parents to seven children, two boys ages 17 & 15, three girls ages 13, 11, & 9, and two more boys ages 2 & 4!! Whew! All were born at home with the exception of our first, who was born at a birth center with a midwife. I’ve always had pretty long and hard labors, but I would like to share the story of my fifth child, Naomi’s birth. Her’s was completely different than any other labor and delivery I had experienced before, or ever experienced again!

At one of prenatal visits, Kim suggested I read a book titled, Supernatural Childbirth, by Jackie Mize. That book changed everything for me! I always went into labor scared – SO scared. It was hard work, and I doubted my ability to accomplish it. In the book, Jackie talks about how perfect love casts out fear. God is perfect love and, since I have God, I don’t need to be afraid. My fear was causing me great pain. So, everyday throughout my pregnancy, I would say my affirmations about what I expected my labor and delivery to be – pain-free!! I also wrote scriptures out on note cards and would pray them over myself.

The day came for Naomi’s glorious birth. It was late afternoon/evening, and I was having some very, very mild contractions. I called Kim because I just knew the labor was going to go fast! I’d prayed and believed with my whole heart that I’d have a fast, pain free birth. Kim and I joked about when she should come – since I was believing for a pain-free labor, how would I know when it was time for her to come? I was making pizza for dinner and my mom and sister stopped by. I don’t like anyone knowing I’m in labor, so I didn’t tell them.

So, pizza was made, devoured, and cleaned up. It was about 9 o’clock, and I excused myself to put my two girls to bed. While I was up there my family left. The girls fell asleep and, as I got up, my water broke. I thought for sure I was going to birth her before Kim and Hannah arrived. I called them and they were already on their way, and almost here.

My husband knew that I was praying and believing for a pain free labor, and he asked me if I was having any pain. My response was, “Yes a little, but it’s more sensations than pain.”

We kept praying and believing. God’s perfect love was casting out all my fear. Kim and Hannah arrived, and Kim suggested I try out the birth stool. I was dilated to 9 cm with just a lip of cervix left. Kim asked if I was pushing, and I said, “No, I got the ‘S’ word.”

Kim said, “The ‘S’ word? Do you need to go to the bathroom?”

I was horrified and replied, “Not that ‘S’ word! The S-C-A-R-E-D ‘S’ word.” We’ve had several laughs through the years over that one!!

And Naomi was born shortly after that! I felt amazing afterward! Other than being a little tired, I felt completely normal! I couldn’t believe I’d just had a baby! God is SO good!

by Jammi Pace

Photographs provided by the Pace family

Thank you so much for the gift of your time!

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  • Congratulations, Jammi and family, on such a beautiful experience! It sounds as if Kim was probably pleased for such a peaceful birth as well, considering the week she was having. I must say, your “S” word conversation was hilarious!!! 😀

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