Welcome, Lola! A Photo Essay

Mama called around three in the morning to tell me she was having short, frequent contractions – contractions surely too short to be accomplishing much. I encouraged her to drink a tall glass of water and hop into an epsom salt bath, and see if they wouldn’t either lengthen or fade away. An hour later, Daddy called to say they were a mite longer, but much more intense. I told him I’d come, and that I’d get Sarah, my apprentice, and Brezi Merryman, the photographer rolling, too.

Daddy called again mere minutes later.

“Hi, Kim? She said she feels she’s reached that point where the baby’s trying to get out of her.”


I told him to get her on her side, and do all he could to keep her breathing rather than pushing, and I flew from my house in my horrid hair and pajamas. I dialed the telephone while I barreled down Platte at eighty miles per hour, ran a red light, made an illegal turn, thanked God no cops were in sight, and talked Mama down from pushing through her ferocious contractions. Then I plunged into her driveway, slammed into a parking space, and bolted through her front door. Mama was on her side on the sofa. I knelt beside her and asked if she wanted to birth there or in her bed.

“I want to birth on my bed!”

I told Daddy, who had his arms filled with big sister, what I needed him to do, while I got Mama moving toward the bedroom. We were nearly to the bed when she had another contraction that broke her waters, and the baby’s head slid to its mother’s perineum.

Somehow, amazingly, Mama managed to creep upon the bed…

And we all took a breath before another powerful contraction swept over her.

She threw her head back and roared,
and, only seven minutes from my arrival, her glorious child slipped into its father’s hands…

Into the light of day!

Cries of pure joy rang out!

Many thanks, you profoundly powerful Mama, for allowing us to share your incredible story!
And, yes, next time you birth, I’ll come the moment you feel even the slightest twinge ♥

by Kim Woodard Osterholzer, Colorado Springs Homebirth Midwife

These stunning photographs were taken by Brezi Merryman of Captured by Brezi Photography

Thank you so much for the gift of your time!

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