Lights, Camera, Action! by Sarah Donahue

It’s with a flood of joy that I introduce you to Sarah and Matt Donahue and their birth stories today! Our lives came together eight years ago across 800 miles of telephone wire, then morphed from professional to personal like the dancing hues of a kaleidoscope caught within a beam of sunlight. Hannah and I attended the[…]

Homebirthing Daddy, Brent Woodard

As tomorrow, 10/13/2015, marks what would’ve been my twenty-fifth wedding anniversary with Brent Woodard, my first husband and the father of my two children, I thought it would be appropriate (and fun!)(Brent was so much fun!) to honor his memory by telling a bit about him and our two homebirths. Brent and I had a[…]

Midwife Life, Part One: “Hello?”

A sudden jangling startled me from the wonderful world of soot and orphans and redemption Charles Dickens had woven and lured me into. Mildly annoyed, I backed away from the sink and stripped the sudsy yellow gloves from my hands in order to shush Charles and fish the phone from the front pocket of my stained[…]