Midwife Life, Part Five: Wait – Do Midwives Faint?

Through my last post in this series about my birthwork among the Amish, Midwife Life, Part Four: Secrets, I showed you what a prenatal visit looks like.  Today I’ll show you what it was like to be a real-live human with my own special set of frailties and flaws and foibles that had to be overcome in order to[…]

A Song, and a Thousand Words

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” And so it is. Between my book and this blog, I’ve spent the last two years writing and writing and writing furiously with a desire to bring you with me into the beautiful and bewitching world of birth at home. If only you could see… But today you can![…]

Meet Patrice Bobier, One of Michigan’s Leading Midwives!

Meet my friend, Patrice Bobier, CPM, veteran homebirth midwife of Northern Michigan.  Patrice has attended the births of more than 1,600 babies in just a little less than forty-years! Though Patrice herself may not remember it, I first met her at a Michigan Midwives Association Conference twenty-eight years ago when I was eighteen years old.  Fourteen[…]

Evangeline♥Bearer of Good News

Tomorrow is my granddaughter’s first birthday! In celebration, I’ve decided to re-post the story of her birth! We: Hannah, Jesse, Sarah (friend and photographer), Heather (friend and midwifery apprentice), and Kim (friend and mom and grandmom and midwife) have made a collective attempt to tell the tale of little Evangeline’s birth on Monday, November 9th, 2015, from[…]