A Starfish Within Reach – MamaBaby Haiti

Here’s a bit of a different post for this last day of January! Around this time last year, a thing long tucked away into the depths of my heart bubbled to the surface – the desire to serve moms and babies in one of the places in our world where moms and babies are in desperate need. The[…]

One Wild Week!

Oh my goodness, yes! Last week was wild! I flew to Michigan, celebrated Christmas with my family, attended a birth, fell ill, recovered, attended another birth, observed the tenth anniversary of my first husband’s death, fell ill again, flew home to Colorado, celebrated three years of marriage to my second husband, and learned that after sixteen months of[…]

Midwife Life, Part Nine: An Intimate Encounter

And so, as we saw through my last post in our series, complications do occasionally arise at homebirths. Thankfully, midwives are usually able to handle them with success! Join me now as I see the little family through their first night together. The singular trill of a robin startled me from my revere. I lifted the shade[…]

A Film Interview with Kim’s Clients: Why Choose Homebirth?

A couple months ago I was invited to coffee with one of our city’s birth photographers, Jackie Parr-Akiona. As we visited – and it was such a lovely visit, as Jackie is a pure joy – she birthed the idea of a film interview explaining a bit about homebirth. Initially, she wanted to interview me,[…]

Midwife Life, Part Eight: Four Cups of Blood

Through my last post in this series we walked together through Emma’s long and difficult labor, and rejoiced with her over the birth of her sweet baby boy. Today I invite you to join me as we faced the trouble that followed him and wiled away the hours of the child’s first night on earth[…]