Your Love, Packed & Ready for Haiti

Oh, my heart overflows! So many of you responded to my post about my upcoming trip to Haiti with gifts and the promise of prayers and encouragement! I know I said it already, but it’s as though you’re coming along with me! I can only imagine what it will mean to the staff of MamaBaby when I[…]

The Waterbirth of a Bouncing Baby Boy

Hello, Friends! I’m excited to introduce you to a set of clients this week, Lexee and Mike Halsmith, and their two little people, Reece and Brooks! I’ve so enjoyed serving and coming to love this refreshing family since we met almost two years ago, and I suspect I’ve learned as much from them as they[…]

Time, Pressure & Deadlines

Oh my goodness, the wildness continues! This last week was even wilder than the week I spent in Michigan, and was one filled with incredible pressure, deadlines, and an insatiable demand for time! First of all, I intended to use this week’s post to explain that “Midwife Life, Part Ten” is officially on hold. Wes, my amazing[…]