And It’s Happened!

Nearly three years after immersing myself into a lifetime of old journals, and almost two years after tapping out the last line of the last chapter of the first draft of my first book… eighteen months into my plunge into blogging and Facebooking and Tweeting and wrestling over my book proposal, and twelve months past my search[…]

Haiti – Five Days and Seven Babies

And so the woman I wrote of last week, that desperately silent, utterly vulnerable soul and tiny son, even as she departed the premises, stowed herself away in my heart as I was caught up into the stream of women that flowed through my stay at MamaBaby. Only a few hours after we’d tended to and erased the traces of that[…]

Haiti – First Day, First Birth

I was surprised to be greeted at MamaBaby by a small bedroom filled with Americans. I’d been told I’d be the only foreign volunteer through my first week in Haiti, but there they were – Patricia and Darren Couch, and Emily Stevenson – and they proved a pure delight. Patricia is one of the gorgeous souls who[…]

Three Weeks and Thirty-one Births in Haiti

And so I’m home from three weeks in Haiti, but was it three weeks, or was it a lifetime? Fifty-one pages of my journal are thronged with the sights and sounds, the smells and sensations, the spellbinding moments, the great surgings of emotion, and with the myriad striking souls that now throng my heart. How ever shall I transform[…]