Okay, friends, here we go! Four evenings ago I sketched out a plan for the week that initially allocated this particular blustery Thursday evening for client chart assembly, plus packing for a weekend in the mountains devoted to capturing more fully the wonderful ten weeks I spent in Michigan receiving and tending my grandchildren and their parents. The morning after[…]


Friends, I thought you might enjoy another of Serena Salvato’s podcasts, this time with one of my clients, Amye Olivero, sharing her moving story! Click here to listen in! The Push Guide, by Serena Salvato. And be sure to visit and subscribe to Serena’s website, The Push Guide to hear her other interviews and to read an account[…]

There and Back Again, Michigan Part One

I yawned and stretched. I’d gone to bed too late the night before – thirsty to soak up every last drop of time I could with my daughter and my granddaughters – but I’d still managed to rise early enough to start out on my twenty-two hour drive at a decent time. My girls were yet asleep,[…]

Interview With a Homebirth Midwife

It’s an interview with me! Several weeks ago I was contacted by Serena Salvato, a young wife, mother, doctor of microbiology, and the founder of a new podcast called The Push Guide. Serena explained to me that when she moved to the United States from England, she was grieved to discover what a remarkably few[…]