Meet Midwife Pam Crowl – 37 Years Catching Babies in Colorado

We haven’t done a Midwife Highlight in a while, but after being moved to tears by this beautiful story, I can say I’m truly honored to have the opportunity to share the tiny but mighty Pam Crowl with you. Pam was one of the first midwives I encountered after I moved to Colorado. We met at a workshop and she[…]

Vitamin K and the Newborn by Dr. Sara Wickham

One of the things I love and appreciate most about Dr. Sara Wickham besides her wonderfully warm heart is the way she’s able to probe, deconstruct, decipher, and translate the abstruse data and directives that swirl around the childbearing family and their care providers—empowering us to ask our questions and think things through from a[…]