Birthing Your Placenta

Well! What a gem! I believe this is my favorite Sara Wickham book yet! Birthing Your Placenta is a most gorgeous little book devoted exclusively to the oft-forgotten, yet no less essential conclusion to the miraculous act of bringing forth life! In Birthing Your Placenta, Sara Wickham and Nadine Edwards explore every facet of the[…]

Q&A Book Give Away at Amish America!

Good morning, Friends! Amish America sent over a list of twenty questions from their readers last week! Follow the link below to read my answers and enjoy an opportunity to win a signed copy of my book! A Midwife In Amish Country: Author Kim Osterholzer Answers Your Questions (Plus Book Giveaway) Kim Woodard Osterholzer, Colorado[…]

I Hardly Know Where to Start!

Hello again, Friends! Well! I want to get back after blogging, but I seriously hardly know where to start… Three months ago I stepped off into summer and summer grabbed me up and swirled me away! Family! Friends! Births! Book signings! Introductions! Reunions! Talks! Vacation! More family! I want to tell you all about it,[…]