Thump! Thump! “Mmm?” Bony fingers tugged at the corner of a thread-bare coverlet. Thump-thump-thump! Creases in an already deeply creased face deepened and a finely lined throat released the barest of whimpers as a whisper-slight form struggled to turn over on a sadly sagging mattress. THUMP! “Simone!” Thinning eyelashes flickered. Am I dreaming? Again? “Old woman!”[…]

Watching For, Waiting For, Welcoming the Light

When my first husband, Brent, and I began to explore the secrets and dreams of our hearts through the burgeoning of our relationship, we discovered, young as we were, we’d both given a lot of thought to the sort of marriage we desired to enjoy and the way we intended to rear our children. From our courtship to[…]

Happy BirthDay, Hannah Evangeline

Twenty-seven years ago, at 119 Iroquois Street in Battle Creek, Michigan, in the chilly, snowy, wee hours of Sunday, December 8th, 1991, Hannah Evangeline Woodard–now Simmons–burst into the world. This is the story of her birth, as told in my book, A Midwife in Amish Country. Three months after our autumn wedding, Brent quit his job[…]