If Success Was Measured in Smiles & Hugs

If success was measured in smiles and hugs alone, that would be enough ♥ It turns out there are many ways to measure success! The Barnes & Noble store manager told me on Sunday I’d be welcome back anytime as they’ve been consistently surprised at how often the book is asked for and how well the[…]

Carolina Birth Junkies Retreat!

Hello, Friends! So here I am, thrilled to my toes to share news about the Carolina Birth Junkies 2019 Summer Island Retreat, August 22-25! The first two days will hold the eagerly sought after Breech Birth Workshop conducted by Dr. Rixa Freeze of Stand and Deliver and Dr. David Hayes, an honest-to-goodness homebirth OB/GYN! The[…]

Homebirth Midwives Serving Colorado Springs

There are a whole lot of us, folks, and we’re listed here alphabetically ♥ CARMEN LACKETT, CPM, RM Mother to Mother Midwifery: 719.499.6231 mothertomothermidwifery.net CHRISTIE SHEFFER, CPM, RM Blue Columbine Birth: 719.310.9820 www.bluecolumbinebirth.com DANA MCLAREN, CPM, RM, LMT The Stork Associates Childbirth Services: 719.645.5552 thestorkassociates.vpweb.com DANA SAVAGE, CPM, RM A Midwife for Better Birth: 719.332.0331 www.forbetterbirth.com[…]