Re-Teach Breech!

Oh my goodness! How much we learned!

This was my second time through a Breech Without Borders course in the last little better than a year and you know what? I know I’ll take the course again!

The Breech-Pro Hybrid Course is excellent. The fifteen hours worth of on-line instruction is incredible, as well as available to attendees for fully a year! I actually liked the on-line instruction better than I did the in-person instruction. I was able to pause, rewind, and replay the material to my heart’s content!

Hannah and I took turns following along with the doll and pelvis demonstrations with our own doll and pelvis–pausing and replaying each section till we felt we had a handle on the maneuvers–how to perform them as well as when to perform them.

We did come decently close to losing our doll to Hannah’s Elyse, though!

She calls the dolls the office babies. One of them is now actually hers. Thankfully, we got the new doll back and it’s hidden safely away from view.

Our hands-on sessions with David Hayes were purely amazing! We practiced, we made blunders, we were corrected, we practiced, we improved, we practiced, we were further corrected, we practiced, we improved further, we practiced, we practiced, we practiced!

If you’re a birthworker–a midwife or a doctor–you can scarcely afford to miss such an unequalled opportunity to master this art. For so many complicated reasons, hardly any of us are granted the chance to learn how to watch over the births of breech babies, let alone how to watch safely and well.

But the chance we’ll make it through the courses of our careers without coming face-to-face with a little rump or set or two of tiny toes is unlikely.

We absolutely owe it to those we’re called upon to serve to know what to do when we do one day see that rump or those tiny toes.

It’s hard to describe how good it feels to know I’m prepared for such a day.

To learn more about Breech Without Borders and to sign up for a course yourself, click here now!

Kim Woodard Osterholzer, Colorado Springs Homebirth Midwife and Author. And Grandma ♥

The pictures within the post were taken by Amy Burgess, CNM

The snapper of the lead photo is a mystery! If you’re her, come and take credit! Also, I apologize for stealing it! Ah! I just learned it’s Amanda Smith’s pic! And she’s graciously forgiven my theft!

I took the picture of Elyse and the babies ♥

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