Birthing Your Placenta

Well! What a gem! I believe this is my favorite Sara Wickham book yet!

Birthing Your Placenta is a most gorgeous little book devoted exclusively to the oft-forgotten, yet no less essential conclusion to the miraculous act of bringing forth life!

In Birthing Your Placenta, Sara Wickham and Nadine Edwards explore every facet of the amazing event from the physiology of the placenta and what occurs around the time of its birth, to an exploration of separating the cord, to the historical roots of both psychophysiological placental birthing and active third stage management, to the treatment of complications that may arise, to the many ways the placenta may be handled when its birth is complete.

As ever, Sara introduces us to the research, shining light on its value as well as its limitations while reminding us ever and always how important it is to balance the research with the actual woman standing before us, resplendent in all her actual needs and desires.

What rose to the surface of my mind as I read was the affirmation that the act of birthing your placenta is worth all the energy of exploration as is the act of birthing of your baby. The two acts are, in fact, one as how you experience one will determine how you experience the other, and how you experience all of it together will affect you and your baby throughout the remainder of your lifetimes.

And with that in mind, the broader questions resurface.

What do you desire for a birthing experience?

Which birthing place and provider will serve you best in pursuit of your desires?

If you’re pregnant or hoping to one day become pregnant, this book is for you!

If you’re a soul devoted to serving women and their babies through the process of birthing, this book is for you, too!

Many blessings as you pursue the birthing of your hopes and dreams ♥

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Kim Woodard Osterholzer, Colorado Springs Homebirth Midwife and Author

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