A Song, and a Thousand Words

A picture is worth a thousand words.

And so it is.

Between my book and this blog, I’ve spent the last two years writing and writing and writing furiously with a desire to bring you with me into the beautiful and bewitching world of birth at home.

If only you could see…

But today you can!

Two weeks ago a woman in my care received her newest baby with her own two hands as the sweet little thing eased her way into the world. The stunning event was captured by a remarkably gifted birth photographer and transformed into a slideshow, complete with music which the birthing family has given me permission to share with you!

Come with me now into this unrepeatable moment in time, sneak up the stairs, and slip through the partially open door. Find an unobtrusive spot to seat yourself, and be overcome as the magic unfolds.

Photographs by the renowned Monet Nicole

Thank you so much for the gift of your time!

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Kim Woodard Osterholzer, Colorado Springs Homebirth Midwife and Author

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