Birthing YOUR Baby

Birthing Your Baby: the second stage of labour by Dr. Nadine Edwards provides us with a most excellent piece of work exploring the pinnacle of the childbearing experience–that unparalleled moment when our world’s newest soul spirals into the light! As a practicing homebirth midwife, the parts of Dr. Edwards’ book that resonated with me most[…]

Homebirth Midwives Serving Colorado Springs

There are a whole lot of us, folks, and we’re listed here alphabetically ♥ CARMEN LACKETT, CPM, RM Mother to Mother Midwifery: 719.499.6231 CHRISTIE SHEFFER, CPM, RM Blue Columbine Birth: 719.310.9820 DANA MCLAREN, CPM, RM, LMT The Stork Associates Childbirth Services: 719.645.5552 DANA SAVAGE, CPM, RM A Midwife for Better Birth: 719.332.0331[…]