From Dr. Sara Wickham! Inducing Labor: Making Informed Decisions

Once again our beloved Dr. Sara Wickham has blessed us with a treasure-trove of information, Inducing Labor: Making Informed Decisions! Inducing Labor is an in-depth look at yet another topic nearly every woman will be faced with through the course of her childbearing years and, because “the research evidence does not always support the idea[…]

Other Lessons Learned Among the Amish

“Something I really do admire about the Amish is the way… their lives keep them close to the rhythms of the earth… in sync with the rising and the setting of the sun.” A little snippet from A Midwife in Amish Country Celebrating God’s Gift of Life “We turned to watch the stout, apple-cheeked Amishman[…]

Yes! It’s Actually a True Story

Another little bit of A Midwife in Amish Country Celebrating God’s Gift of Life “My journals from that period are overflowing with the triumphs and agonies of those exhilarating, frustrating, exhausting, potent years. My young heart was coming to life. The sense of who I was and what I was meant to do was maturing.[…]

Lessons Learned Among the Amish

Lessons Learned Among the Amish A little snippet from A Midwife in Amish Country Celebrating God’s Gift of Life “I’d come to cherish the warmth and charm of lamp and lantern light, to treasure visions of intricate quilts stretched across hand-fashioned frames and the thrum of treadle sewing machines—I’d glory in the rows of magenta[…]

The Waterbirth of a Bouncing Baby Boy

Hello, Friends! I’m excited to introduce you to a set of clients this week, Lexee and Mike Halsmith, and their two little people, Reece and Brooks! I’ve so enjoyed serving and coming to love this refreshing family since we met almost two years ago, and I suspect I’ve learned as much from them as they[…]

A Film Interview with Kim’s Clients: Why Choose Homebirth?

A couple months ago I was invited to coffee with one of our city’s birth photographers, Jackie Parr-Akiona. As we visited – and it was such a lovely visit, as Jackie is a pure joy – she birthed the idea of a film interview explaining a bit about homebirth. Initially, she wanted to interview me,[…]

Meet Patrice Bobier, One of Michigan’s Leading Midwives!

Meet my friend, Patrice Bobier, CPM, veteran homebirth midwife of Northern Michigan.  Patrice has attended the births of more than 1,600 babies in just a little less than forty-years! Though Patrice herself may not remember it, I first met her at a Michigan Midwives Association Conference twenty-eight years ago when I was eighteen years old.  Fourteen[…]