Time With a Teacher

Life recently surprised me with an unexpected gift — a bit of time with a masterful teacher. I spent the entire first week of September doing one of the things people do but dread to do when they’ve written a book. They make a list of people they hope will be willing to endorse it,[…]

Eleanor Bertin’s Endorsement!

“A Midwife in Amish Country is a tale for hopeful teenage girls, for nostalgic menopausal women, for child-bearing and child-rearing mothers. It’s a book of life—its first breath, its seasons, from its ordinary to its heart-stopping moments, and its endings. In it, Kim Osterholzer tells of the midwife’s creed—to keep out of the way and[…]

Sara Daigle’s Endorsement!

“With breathtaking beauty, Kim Osterholzer shares her journey into the heart of God and the homes of Amish families giving birth in A Midwife in Amish Country. Real-life insight into Amish homes gives this book a descriptive appeal to anyone wanting to learn more of an Amish community. Kim’s personal journey weaves through her stories,[…]

Marie Monville’s Endorsement!

“As you read A Midwife in Amish Country, you’ll find you’re not just observing the story, but participating. Kim Osterholzer draws you in through her vivid descriptions of the surroundings and her heart, and she shares her story in a powerfully vulnerable way—mothers find strength, babies are delivered, and she finds joy in the reality[…]

Beth Learn’s Endorsement!

“As a professional caring for women who wish to make a safe return to fitness after childbearing, I am thrilled to know a midwife like Kim Osterholzer exists and is passionately working to minimize trauma on the frontlines of birth. These stories, these chapters full of encouragement give me hope and inspire me to continue[…]

Cindy Lambert’s Endorsement!

“A Midwife in Amish Country is a captivating read. Kim Woodard Osterholzer keeps us spellbound with the intimate beauty and earthy tenderness of midwifery among the Amish, taking us where we’ve never been before and immersing us in the most sacred of moments.” —Cindy Lambert, coauthor of One Light Still Shines, Perfectly Unfinished, Unplanned, Unstoppable, and[…]

Elizabeth Davis’ Endorsement!

“The beauty of midwifery care is that it serves Motherbaby in all circumstances and belief systems. In A Midwife in Amish Country, Kim Osterholzer has written her story of becoming. May it inspire midwives of every persuasion to follow their calling as it comes from the core of who they are, because truly, this is[…]

Leslie Gould’s Endorsement!

“Lyrically written and profoundly told, A Midwife in Amish Country is impossible to put down. Kim Woodard Osterholzer’s story—of faith, family, and midwifery—embraced me on the first page and held me tight until the very last word. Her authentic insights, including into the Amish families she served, left me rejoicing in the beauty and holiness of birth[…]

Rahima Baldwin Dancy’s Endorsement!

“A Midwife in Amish Country is a moving book about accepting and growing into one’s calling, including the highs and lows of homebirth midwifery and lots of terrific birth stories! Kim Osterholzer is an engaging writer, inviting the reader to follow her through her years of apprenticeship serving women and families as they bring new[…]