Are You Ever Too Late?

Amish America recently sent me a list of questions their readers submitted in response to an article about my book. Erik Wesner, the site’s editor, gave me permission to share a few here on my own site! I thought I’d start with this one and fill in a bit more of the story. “Are you[…]

I Hardly Know Where to Start!

Hello again, Friends! Well! I want to get back after blogging, but I seriously hardly know where to start… Three months ago I stepped off into summer and summer grabbed me up and swirled me away! Family! Friends! Births! Book signings! Introductions! Reunions! Talks! Vacation! More family! I want to tell you all about it,[…]

If You Love It—

I’ve been surprised and so blessed by the reception A Midwife in Amish Country has received. What started as a merrily trickling stream in January with my enthusiastic launch team has become a river! Every day I hop online to find sweet messages on my pages, on my posts, and in my inboxes and they[…]

For a Laugh!

The last few weeks I’ve flooded your inbox with this and that heartwarming element of my book in attempt to entice you into purchasing your very own copy. Now my husband tells me it’s time for something a little lighter, so I plan now to regale you with I daresay HIS favorite story from the[…]