I Get To Love You

It’s almost impossible to describe the gift it is to be invited to kneel next to folks as they move through one of life’s most profound moments… as they breathe… as they strain… as they breathe… as they groan… as they wrestle… as they breathe… as they cry out… To lean over steaming pools to bathe sweaty[…]

Lights, Camera, Action! by Sarah Donahue

It’s with a flood of joy that I introduce you to Sarah and Matt Donahue and their birth stories today! Our lives came together eight years ago across 800 miles of telephone wire, then morphed from professional to personal like the dancing hues of a kaleidoscope caught within a beam of sunlight. Hannah and I attended the[…]

Scared Out of Labor, by Siobhan Walker

I was abundantly blessed to serve as Siobhan and Trent’s midwife through the pregnancies and births of two of their five boys though, as Siobhan mentions, I missed the first of the two boys’ births by a hair’s-breadth! Oh, the memories! The second occurred amidst a flurry of births, and the main thing I remember about[…]

Sarah’s Sweets

I met Sarah Lawrence several years ago now and, though I wasn’t able to attend her first birth at home due to complications, and had moved away by the time she birthed her second, our souls struck a cord, and we’ve loved one another ever since. Sarah’s a beautiful woman all through, a dedicated wife and mother,[…]

A Valentine’s Baby

With pleasure, I introduce to you a most charming woman and the tale of her firstborn child. Not only is Katherine the wife and mother of a sweet family, the writer of lovely stories, and a teacher of drawing and painting at Hillsdale College, she also is the creator of glorious works of art which may be viewed on her blog,[…]