January 24, 2016

Michigan Midwifery Services

Hannah Woodard Simmons, Certified Professional Midwife in southwest Michigan

Hannah was introduced to the idea of having babies at home with a midwife at her own peaceful homebirth in 1991.

Then, continually exposed to the idea as she grew up that birth is normal and about as safe as it gets, she began attending births alongside her childhood friends as they welcomed their siblings into the world. In 2007, Hannah attended the birth of a friend along with her mother and wound up an irreplaceable part of the birthing team when a complication suddenly arose. From then on Hannah attended nearly every birth her mom attended.

Beginning in 2009, Hannah spent a year and a half learning and serving with a missions organization in Louisville, Kentucky, which included a six week stay in Tamil Nadu, India, and an eight week trip to the Yukatan Peninsula of Mexico. In the summertime of 2011, Hannah moved back to Michigan and she completed her apprenticeship in the summer of 2013. Hannah took sole proprietorship of the Michigan practice in March, 2014, and earned her CPM in June, 2015.  Hannah gave birth to her first child, Evangeline Heidi Simmons, November 9th, 2015.

Hannah’s experienced a great many amazing things in her short life so far – sweat and tears and blood; sleepless nights and long, grueling days; struggles and victories; foreign cultures; twins and triplets and breeches; life and death; joy and sorrow – and, for all of that, Hannah’s looking forward to spending her life amidst the beautiful and empowering field of homebirth midwifery.

Contact Hannah today at 269-986-5382 to inquire about midwifery services.

evangeline and hannahsimmons

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