September 21, 2016

Nourish + Thrive Book

Nourish & Thrive: Happy, Healthy Childbearing, began as a stack of short articles Kim crafted through her early days catching babies with an eye toward helping the families she served enjoy the most wonderful pregnancies, births, and periods of postpartum renewal possible. As the years slipped one past another, that little stack grew and grew until, at last, this book was born.

From a description of what birth at home with a midwife looks like to thoughts about nourishing lifestyles, from a peek at the act of giving birth to a closer look at the days and weeks that follow, from tackling the aches and pains of carrying wee ones within to getting ready to press them into the light, Kim shares the many lessons she’s learned through nearly twenty-five years’ worth of loving and serving moms, dads, and brand-new babies.

Your copy of Nourish & Thrive may be purchased at Amazon for $24.99.

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