Midwife Life, Part One: “Hello?”

A sudden jangling startled me from the wonderful world of soot and orphans and redemption Charles Dickens had woven and lured me into. Mildly annoyed, I backed away from the sink and stripped the sudsy yellow gloves from my hands in order to shush Charles and fish the phone from the front pocket of my stained[…]


I threaded my car slowly along the familiar roads – Truckenmiller, Rambadt, Bucknell, Wasepi, Lepley – winding past one farm after another, many laden with a decade’s worth of memories, some even with two. Showers of bright leaves drifted through the shafts of sunlight that penetrated the craggy limbs hemming in the sky like giant golden snowflakes, swirling in eddies stirred[…]

The Adventures of Wee Titus

The primary tool I reach for in my Mary Poppins magical midwifery bag is the supremely simple one – the almost too simple one – of smart lifestyle choices.  Good health is necessary for birthing safely at home.  Good health is necessary to our pursuit of a meaningful life, too!  This post is about the[…]

Number Five

Today I’ll tell the story of birth after cesarean from another perspective. I was hired by a young Amish family in the summertime of 2006 to serve as midwife for their third baby, their second vaginal birth after cesarean.  Like Ingrid, Rachel had attempted to birth her first baby at home with another local midwife,[…]

A 9lb, 12oz VBAC

A nine pound, twelve ounce baby boy with a fifteen inch noggin was born vaginally at home through the afternoon of a warm summer’s day after the baby’s brother, a boy who tipped the scales at nine pounds even, was born by cesarean in the hospital some three years earlier.  This was my first primary[…]

Loss & Life Anew

I thought I’d flesh out the story that was published on Katie Reid’s blog last week called Fear and Doorknobs.  Maybe you read it!  I introduced it here on my blog with the title Peace and Grace and a little teaser piece.  The theme of the blog post series is listening to the Voice of[…]

Peace and Grace

Good morning, Friends! I’m excited to tell you that my friend, Katie Reid, has honored me with an invitation to share about a time I felt God speak to me for an episode of her Listen Close, Listen Well: Lean in, My Daughters series of blog posts. I’ve been blessed many times through my life to[…]

Rose, Ned, and Davin

So, here’s the story of Rose and Ned’s first homebirth. Rose and Ned are the mother and dad of Absalom, the baby I wrote about last week. Eleven years ago, Rose gave birth to her first son, Davin, through the wee hours of early March. I met Rose five months before in her sister-in-law’s back[…]