The Many Faces of Home Birth

A young woman passionate about homebirth, Shantel Silbernagel, contacted me nine months ago to tell me about a project she was working on and to ask if I could provide a bit of help. Her desire was to present the world with a book of stories about birthing at home. A collection of stories that[…]

A Film Interview with Kim’s Clients: Why Choose Homebirth?

A couple months ago I was invited to coffee with one of our city’s birth photographers, Jackie Parr-Akiona. As we visited – and it was such a lovely visit, as Jackie is a pure joy – she birthed the idea of a film interview explaining a bit about homebirth. Initially, she wanted to interview me,[…]

Homebirthing Daddy, Brent Woodard

As tomorrow, 10/13/2015, marks what would’ve been my twenty-fifth wedding anniversary with Brent Woodard, my first husband and the father of my two children, I thought it would be appropriate (and fun!)(Brent was so much fun!) to honor his memory by telling a bit about him and our two homebirths. Brent and I had a[…]