The Adventures of Wee Titus

The primary tool I reach for in my Mary Poppins magical midwifery bag is the supremely simple one – the almost too simple one – of smart lifestyle choices.  Good health is necessary for birthing safely at home.  Good health is necessary to our pursuit of a meaningful life, too!  This post is about the[…]

Number Five

Today I’ll tell the story of birth after cesarean from another perspective. I was hired by a young Amish family in the summertime of 2006 to serve as midwife for their third baby, their second vaginal birth after cesarean.  Like Ingrid, Rachel had attempted to birth her first baby at home with another local midwife,[…]

Is This Normal?

This morning I thought I’d share about the first time I discovered something seriously wrong with a baby. I was serving one of my favorite clients – Yes, I know, there are those who say all of my clients are my favorite clients – and I guess they are!  But I can’t help that.  After[…]