Meet Midwife Pam Crowl – 37 Years Catching Babies in Colorado

We haven’t done a Midwife Highlight in a while, but after being moved to tears by this beautiful story, I can say I’m truly honored to have the opportunity to share the tiny but mighty Pam Crowl with you. Pam was one of the first midwives I encountered after I moved to Colorado. We met at a workshop and she[…]

Meet Jill Roper, Michigan Midwife

It’s time for another Midwife Highlight, and I thought it would suit to share the story belonging to Jill Roper – the woman who’s the reason I’m this moment serving at MamaBaby Haiti. Jill and I met on-line last year, and, though we’ve still only ever talked on the telephone and by email, we immediately[…]

Meet Patrice Bobier, One of Michigan’s Leading Midwives!

Meet my friend, Patrice Bobier, CPM, veteran homebirth midwife of Northern Michigan.  Patrice has attended the births of more than 1,600 babies in just a little less than forty-years! Though Patrice herself may not remember it, I first met her at a Michigan Midwives Association Conference twenty-eight years ago when I was eighteen years old.  Fourteen[…]

Meet Clarice, CNM from Michigan

I’m honored to introduce to you Clarice Winkler, retired veteran midwife in Michigan – a midwife I knew and admired from a distance at Michigan Midwives Association gatherings rather than from much personal association. But I always was struck by and drawn to her humility, her approachableness, and her deep wellspring of love for others. And I’ve[…]

Meet Janice Marsh-Prelesnik, Midwife

I met the fascinating Janice Marsh-Prelesnik many years ago at one of her herb walks. She sent me home with sprigs of peppermint and spearmint to plant, and became a cherished friend. Janice is a seasoned midwife, body worker, herbalist, and musician – among other things – and is ever ready to listen, to teach, to[…]

Meet Laurie Zoyiopoulos, Midwife from Michigan

Meet Laurie Zoyiopoulos, CPM, serving mid to Northern Michigan!  Laurie’s one of my favorite people on earth!  I’ve known her nearly twenty years.  I met her in the 1990s, though I imagine I came close to her the first time I attended a Michigan Midwives Association Meeting (MMA) in 1988!  Laurie’s attended the births of[…]