Marie Monville’s Endorsement!

“As you read A Midwife in Amish Country, you’ll find you’re not just observing the story, but participating. Kim Osterholzer draws you in through her vivid descriptions of the surroundings and her heart, and she shares her story in a powerfully vulnerable way—mothers find strength, babies are delivered, and she finds joy in the reality[…]

Cindy Lambert’s Endorsement!

“A Midwife in Amish Country is a captivating read. Kim Woodard Osterholzer keeps us spellbound with the intimate beauty and earthy tenderness of midwifery among the Amish, taking us where we’ve never been before and immersing us in the most sacred of moments.” —Cindy Lambert, coauthor of One Light Still Shines, Perfectly Unfinished, Unplanned, Unstoppable, and[…]