November 1, 2015


The comments below are from our happy clients!
Read on to find out what to expect if you work with Kim or Hannah.

Michelle Lake — 5 star
10 golden stars! Kim is a precious treasure; when you’ve found her, you’ll never forget and never let go. She witnessed 4 of our births, including a loss half way through due to circumstances beyond our control. She stayed with us in the hospital nearly 2 days and nights during that difficult birth, praying with us, making us laugh, and sleeping on the windowsill nearby. Kim has a spiritual discernment and skill like no other, and when one of our births got a little exciting, she fiercely prayed and pulled out all the stops, literally! She is a gentle, warm, wise, loving soul so softly present during the deepest hard and highest joy. A rare jewel.

Stephanie Delacruz Seaborg — 5 star
There are so many things I want to say! This was my second homebirth and my first was great. However, I can truly say I’ve never felt so listened to, respected, honored, and cared for as when I did during my prenatal visits AND my labor with Kim. The same care is given after birth and during those postpartum visits – I’ve called and texted several times to ask a “Is this normal,” question and she’s been there. I never felt like a burden or just another client and I learned so much from her! The confidence she has in you and your babe is infectious. ♡ Thank you, Kim, for being the best support and friend a mama could ask for and for making me feel radiant during birth.

Lexee Halsmith — 5 star
When my husband, Mike, and I found out we were pregnant, we knew we wanted a homebirth. We initially talked with a couple of midwives but didn’t feel like we connected well with them. A friend recommended Kim, so I gave her a call. She talked with me for thirty minutes and I felt an instant bond with and respect for her. Our care during pregnancy was completely unlike anything we had experienced. Kim took a genuine interest in us and our lives, welcomed our two year old daughter at all of our appointments, and spent so much time answering our questions. She is holistic and comprehensive in her care – we love her emphasis on nourishing our bodies with food and herbs. She gives out an impressive stack of handouts (now book!) filled with wisdom, tips and tricks, and we found ourselves referring to it constantly. Kim is the most knowledgeable and experienced midwife we know, and we felt completely at ease under her care. She knew exactly what to do during the birth of our son, and thanks to her, it was a beautiful, peaceful, and sacred moment for all of us. We absolutely cannot recommend Kim highly enough and look forward to working with her again for future pregnancies and births!

Jeff Olivero — 5 star
My wife and I recently had Kim as our midwife for the birth of our second son. At first thought, I wasn’t too sure about having a home birth, mainly because I didn’t know anything about it. Kim was willing to sit down and answer all of our questions. After our first meeting, my wife and I were willing to put our trust in Kim. I was impressed by Kim’s prenatal visits because she is personable, knowledgeable, and spends quality time at each visit. You never feel like she is rushed on to her next patient. During delivery, I felt fully confident that Kim and her birth team were ready for any situation, but her peaceful presence permeated the room. We had talked about me catching my son, and when the time came, Kim directed me what to do. At first I felt that I would just leave it to the professional, but I am so glad that I jumped in and that Kim directed me what to do. It was so special to be able to touch my son for the first time and hand him to my wife. It will be a moment I will never forget, and I am looking forward to having Kim back again for our future children. Thanks Kim for the great work that you do!

Amye Olivero — 5 star
My husband I had the privilege of Kim being our midwife for the birth of our second son. It was our first homebirth experience and we were a bit nervous. Kim’s prenatal care was incredible. She was always available no matter how silly the question seemed. She was loving, encouraging, and kind throughout the process. The aches I had with my first son, like swelling were non-existent under her care. The birth of our son was amazing. My husband (Jeff) and I said it seems surreal. It was so peaceful. She affirmed me throughout it and made the experience life-changing. Under Kim’s direction, Jeff caught our son and sobbed. Jeff said it was so much more real to him, and that catching him was the most amazing experience. My postpartum has been amazing, after a very hard postpartum with my first. It has felt redemptive and healing, and has shown me postpartum doesn’t have to be horrible. It can also be peaceful. I’m not sure we can put into words how grateful we are for Kim. She has made us homebirth believers, and we are so looking forward to using her again for future babies. We feel so much gratitude towards her. We love you, Kim!!

Jessica Jenks — 5 star
Kim is an extremely knowledgeable and open-minded Midwife. After having 3 hospital births, she enabled my husband and I our dream of having a home birth. I was able to catch our baby! Couldn’t have done it without Kim’s love, guidance and support. Wish she could have been there to deliver the first three as well. Mark and Jessica

Marcy Abernathy — 5 star
When we first got pregnant we weren’t entirely sure what kind of birth plan we wanted. We had seen a hospital midwife and a doctor, but none of them seemed to have met our needs. We also visited a birthing center in Denver, but neither of us had a peace about it. I had a lot of high expectations going into meeting with a midwife in the Springs, and wanted only to use the best. (especially coming from a family of chiropractic/midwifery). I called around and talked to several midwives, and Kim happened to be the first on the list, recommended to me by Christie Scheffer. She spent an hour of her time talking to me on the phone before we even met her in person. I met Kim rather late into my pregnancy, but we instantly connected and knew it was going to be the perfect fit. Kim would spend way over the allotted time during our appointments to listen and give me feedback. Multiple times during pregnancy I had high blood pressure, and she would spend time on the phone with me, telling me ways I could lower/manage it. Sure enough we were able to get it all under control. My labor was long and hard, but Kim always managed to keep me calm while still not making light of a serious situation. She not only tended to side above and beyond, but even after birth I had multiple issues going on. Kim would answer my text in the middle of the night while breastfeeding wasn’t going well. My son was lip and tongue tied and Kim stuck by my side through the entire process (it was one of the most difficult things I have ever endured). She is a huge reason why mine and my child’s breastfeeding relationship continued. There were many times I wanted to throw in the towel, but Kim was able to see past what I couldn’t see. She never forced her opinion on me, but would always informed me to the best of her abilities. Her experience is well beyond any other midwife that I know. She is a hidden gem in Colorado Springs that few know about, having just recently moved here from Michigan. Over the course of our midwife/patient relationship Kim and I managed to develop a personal relationship that I’m forever grateful for. I wish she could deliver all of the rest of my children, and I may have to even fly her to Montana to do so, hopefully in the near future.

Kristina Lee Ashley — 5 star
Couldn’t recommend Kim highly enough. She is warm, kind, incredibly knowledgeable, extremely reliable, and such a joy to be with. I learned so much during each of our visits, and was immensely grateful for Kim’s extensive knowledge and experience during my third child’s birth, which ended up being a little technical because of his funky position. Kim is an incredible source of peace and strength – I couldn’t have done it without her!

Brezi Merryman, Captured by Brezi Photography — 5 star
One is of the sweetest and most genuine people you will ever meet!
Kim, I so enjoyed working with you, I can’t wait to work with you again. Thank you for all that you do.

Lillian Hiday — 5 star
What a fantastic team of gentle and respectful midwifes! Overflowing with love and a wealth of knowledge Kim and Hannah attended the birth of our daughter with such kind souls and we highly recommend their services for your next home birth experience!

Hannah Verschoof — 5 star
I began my prenatal care at a hospital. I felt like I was being pushed through the system…. I felt like just another pregnant woman that they had to care for. The midwife there simply told me what would be done to me and my body. I got the feeling she didn’t want me to ask questions. My husband and I decided to pursue a route where we would be more than just another expectant couple. We wanted to be able to make our own informed choices before, during and after the birth.

Birth at Home Midwifery Services gave us that and so much more. Kim and Hannah (and Anna) are experienced, well informed and knowledgeable about pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. Throughout my pregnancies, they took the time to teach us and encouraged us to do our own research.

Kim and Hannah delivered my first baby. Looking back, I am amazed by how well they balanced being supportive, sensitive and calming while skillfully and firmly helping me through my labor. Their presence was reassuring both mentally and emotionally.

For our second child, Kim had moved to Colorado, so Hannah and Anna (her apprentice) worked with us. Once again, we received wonderful care and service. Our baby arrived 5 minutes before Hannah, but she calmly coached us through the delivery over the phone!!! Hannah was there to help me deliver the placenta, though, and Hannah and Anna gave us fabulous postnatal care (and did all the paperwork :))!
Kim and Hannah (and Anna) offered us kind and compassionate care. They listened to our questions and helped us find answers. They are our friends and our sisters in Christ as much as they are our caregivers. We are extremely blessed and so happy to have “labored” with the ladies of Birth at Home Midwifery services. They truly do “help people out”!

Natalie Lavinder Babcock — 5 star
What a blessing! Almost 15 years ago I was a first time mom and the ladies of Birth at Home Midwifery Services helped to make my experience as comfortable as possible. They went out of their way before and after my children’s births to be of service. I highly recommend these ladies to be of service to other expectant mothers!

Anne Miller — 5 star
Both Kim and Hannah attended my first birth. The many hours they spent talking things through and giving encouragement were invaluable. They gave of themselves personally as well as professionally – in no appointment did we feel rushed or less important than the next client. Often their visits lasted until the questions were answered or resources suggested to continue our own personal study. We had a lot of questions and just all the “first time” emotions that they confidently and expertly helped both my husband and I work through. In the actual birth they gave the physical support that was needed but not overbearing, fantastic encouragement, unobtrusively took care of the necessary clean up, and stayed until our new family could settle down to rest. Even when unexpected circumstances arose in the post-natal care, they were able to encourage and give wise advise. Through this experience almost right from the start I considered them friends, and so grateful for how they have blessed my life.

For our second we were excited to again have their calming presence for our pre and post-natal care. Our due date fell in the window of their per-arranged hard earned vacation week and they were unable to be there in person for the birth. But they had everything worked out with another professional midwife who was there for the actual birth and also Kim’s apprentice who gave us wonderful care for the birth. It was great to have one or both of them for the followup appointments.

Overall- Kim and Hannah took us on and gave us competent physical and emotional care, and gave us the tools to make tough but well informed decisions of what was best for our family. I’m forever grateful and I do think the good start our kids were given by having a home birth under these ladies care has contributed to their current health.

I have been so richly blessed by both these ladies and so thankful to God for bringing them into our family in such a unique way. I’m excited for them as they continue to practice in both Michigan and newly in Colorado. They have so much to share and offer to any client – I highly recommend them.

Sarah Elizabeth Donahue — 5 star
Kim and Hannah are the absolute best! I’ve had three amazing, empowering home births with them and will have my fourth in December! Can’t share enough how much I loved my experience.

Tara Small — 5 star
I have had Kim and Hannah present for 5 out of 6 of my children’s births. I have learned so much throughout each pregnancy and always feel prepared and supported throughout the entire pregnancy, labor, and birth process. I have some beautiful memories of my babies peaceful births! I’m getting ready to deliver my 7th baby and Hannah has been my midwife throughout this pregnancy and I have enjoyed every prenatal visit and I am so impressed by her knowledge and experience. She had a wonderful teacher! I wholeheartedly recommend Kim and Hannah as midwives and homebirths when possible!

Lue Gilson — 5 star
Compassionate and respectful, Kim and Hannah had the knowledge to connect when I needed motivating and to sit and wait when I needed to work it out. They gave me the confidence and freedom to let my births be just exactly what the should be. Bill and I couldn’t be more grateful for having such strong and competent ladies with us for such a Holy and Intimate experience.

Erin Patricia Miller — 5 star
Kim has been an amazing midwife. So helpful in many ways! Always answering my questions and going above and beyond with her services. I would recommend her to any of my local friends who are considering a home birth!
She made my first home birth experience a great one and I’m hooked.

Jamie Ray Babcock — 5 star
Kim Woodard is a wonderful midwife long with her daughter Hannah. We have had 3 beautiful children born at home. It has been one of the best memories I will forever cherish. How great it was to have a midwife that I know and love to bring forth my babies into this world. We have cried and laughed together. I wouldn’t trade those times for anything. You can’t beat being surrounded by family and the feeling you get knowing that I had a natural birth with the help of my amazing midwives. There is just a joy and peace that come with that. I would recommend Kim to anyone.

Siobhan Walker — 5 star
Kim and Hannah are both incredible midwives. Kim attended our first home birth and it was quite the whirlwind as our little guy decided he didn’t want to wait for her to get there. My husband ended up catching the baby while Kim calmly assured him over the phone that everything was OK and she was right around the corner. Looking back, I wouldn’t have had it turn out any other way. My husband and I got to enjoy the birth of our son in a personal moment that only he and I witnessed and it was life-changing. Had it not been for Kim and her amazing prenatal care and attentiveness to all of our questions and concerns, we may not have been prepared for the way things happened. She truly is so empowering and makes you feel at ease and genuinely cared for from the first “I think I’m pregnant” phone call to the final postnatal visit.

Hannah joined the team for our second home birth, which was as glorious as the first in its own very special way. I was so grateful to have both of them there and to find that Hannah, though she carries her own unique qualities in midwifery, shares her mother’s gift of being a quiet and gentle, yet powerful presence in the birth experience. I can’t quite describe their ability to be totally there but not obtrusively so. They are like ninja midwives…lol.

I found out I was pregnant with my fifth child (my 3rd to be home delivered) not long after finding out that Kim was moving away to Colorado and I was sure that knowing my favorite midwife was leaving would make me go into early menopause…I seriously love her that much! But….Hannah….she has taken the reigns of the Michigan portion of the practice like a master. Her mother trained her and raised her to be a confident and gifted midwife. She was amazing in the prenatal visits and even let me come labor for a little bit and use her shower at her home when the power was out from a storm at my house. And true to form, she was amazing and invisibly present in all her ninja midwife power at the birth, which was my best ever. I think I might have a new favorite, but I totally wouldn’t be able to choose if I had to 😉

Thank you to Birth at Home Midwifery Services for all the love and care you have shown us over the years of little baby boys. You have been a blessing to our family and as much as we miss Kim terribly in Michigan we are excited for all of the lives and new lives that she gets to be a part of in Colorado. They don’t even know what a treasure they have gained!

Heather Butts Cross — 5 star
I could never put into words how thankful I am for the midwives who empowered me during my last birth! What a life changing experience! Thank you, Kim (and Hannah)!

Sarah Lawrence — 5 star
I received amazing, compassionate, empowering pre and post-natal care from this organization for the birth of my second child! If a healthy, self directed home birth is something you seek, look no further. Birth at Home Midwifery Service is the smart choice.

Katharine Taylor — 5 star
Both Kim and Hannah have a rare and beautiful spirit of faith and empathy for/with those under their care. They are also very knowledgeable and confident – qualities needed to foster the kind of trust you can rely on in labor! I’ll always be grateful for their presence at the birth of my daughter.

Cari Stewart — 5 star
SOOO thankful for Kim & Hannah’s knowledge, care & love during my pregnancies & my babies births!

Miriam Wickey — 5 star
These are 2 sweet midwives! I have personally had Kim. I hear Hannah is just as great! Hannah just helped deliver my sister’s baby less than a hour ago. I’ve heard nothing but good about her. God bless you both!

Stephanie Hollenbaugh-Collmenter — 5 star
I felt so loved and supported during my experience! We had some positioning issues with my son and Hannah and her assistant Anna were there issuing encouragement and strength through words of prayer the entire process. We did end up having to go into the hospital, but the support was only solidified there as her and her assistant Anna accompanied us to the hospital. Not only that, but they helped us to know the pressures of the medical world and navigate through how to safely bring our baby into the world. They went above and beyond and we are forever thankful!

Hannah Marie — 5 star
Having my home birth with these amazing ladies was such a blessing. I am so thankful for their support and encouragement as my husband and I welcomed our darling daughter to this world. We so appreciated the time they spent answering our questions and making sure we were making the best choices for our family. We are planning on trying to always live nearby so we can have them attend the births of future children! 🙂

Hailey Cooper Earl — 5 star
Kim and Hannah are just amazing, loving, caring and fantastic women! I had Hannah as my midwife for my first. She made me feel so comfortable and safe and secure in my birth and my decisions! I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience! She helped coach me and teach me how to bring my beautiful baby girl into this world! And I thank God every day for her and her loving hands! 🙂 thank you Hannah (and Anna!) for doing all that you did to help my little girl enter this world healthy and happy! 🙂

Rhoda Wickey Hilty — 5 star
I can’t recommend Birth at Home Midwifery Services, enough!! We had Kim for our second and third babies, and both Hannah and Kim for our forth. Truly compassionate, caring and knowledgeable ladies! They enriched our birth experiences, for sure, and we are so thankful to have had the privilege of getting to know these lovely ladies!

Steven Hilty — 5 star
Kim was the attending midwife at the births of our second & third daughters. Both Kim & Hannah attended the birth of our son. I highly recommend them. Very down to earth, yet professional! We enjoyed each visit that most times included a cup of coffee!

Kristine Bellware — 5 star

Deanna Ackerman — 5 star

Traci Bowron — 4 star
Kim is an amazing midwife. She’s gentle, yet firm. Experienced and informed, but what I appreciated most about her was her level of commitment. The long hours and sleepless nights felt safe because she prayerfully stayed by my side.

Hannah was too young to attended my births, but I have known her for years and truly admire and respect her as well.

Thank you for taking the time to share information with us.

I read through Kim’s bio and marveled at the excitement and enthusiasm that shines throughout.


Lauren Wentworth — 5 star
I never thought I was a “home birth type” of person. It wasn’t until I met Kim for the first time, and let her pour out her plethora of knowledge on me, that I felt empowered as a woman, That I could birth my baby at home, and trust in my body! Over the short time I was under Kim’s care, She taught me so much about health and wellness and showed me how to nurture my body. She supported me and guided me through labor and birth at home, leaving me with passion to empower other women on the capabilities and beauty of the bodies God created for us. Her “services” if you can even truly call it that, has forever changed my life and I am so grateful!

Kimberly Patrie — 5 star

Anna Novetske — 5 star
Birth at Home Midwifery Services is sincerely the most professional, caring, and understanding of Midwifery women I have met. They are willing to go out of their way to be of service to you and take the time to listen to your cares and concerns. I am very grateful for their services during both my births and I highly recommend them for anyone looking to do a home birth.

Joy Owens — 5 star
Kim Woodard attended the birth of our 2nd baby, i remember her as being very intuitive, soft spoken, and gentle. I trusted Kim and felt very comfortable with her, and grateful for her presence.

Diane Bowman — 5 star
Kim attended two of my births. I really enjoyed her peaceful and calm presence.

Serina Weber Toman — 5 star
I had such a positive experience with Kim. Throughout my pregnancy, she was kind, caring, knowledgeable, and so pleasant to be around. She is committed to her craft, and her skill and genuine concern is very evident. I wouldn’t hesitate to have her as a midwife again.

J.W. Archie — 5 star

Alison Perkins — 5 star
Kim is one of the wisest women I know, and among topics of pregnancy and childbirth, she is definitely the most knowledgeable. I was overseas during the birth of my children, but she still provided me with support and consultation, informing and helping me with my childbirth questions during my first two pregnancies. I have had three great natural births, due in large part from the confidence I gained from Kim’s wisdom, knowledge and encouragement.

Crystal Davis — 5 star
Although we longed for the birth of our babies to be attended by a midwife, it was not to be. The loving support that Kim provided us as we mourned the loss of a home birth, the loss of a vaginal birth, and then ultimately the loss of our sweet baby cannot be compared. Her passion and her compassion are both things of beauty. We would recommend her services to anyone looking for a loving, God fearing, beyond gifted midwife. You won’t be disappointed.

Anna Dorr — 5 star
I served as an apprentice with Birth At Home Midwifery Services for two years; nine months with Kim & Hannah, and then the last fifteen months solo with Hannah as she emerged as a midwife in her own right.

To say that my time with this midwifery practice was a joyous and blessed experience would be the best that I could do with words, but it would still be an understatement. Kim and Hannah taught me much, not only about the technical practice of midwifery, but about the care and compassion that needs to go into each client as well. Throughout my training process I was treated with as much tenderness in my journey as an apprentice as their clients were in their journeys through pregnancy.

Looking back I can see taking me as an apprentice must have been a bit tedious at first. I must have tended to get in the way with my eagerness to help with inexperienced hands; but through it all I was brought to a better understanding of midwifery with kindness and patience. My ineptness was turned into skill through the tutelage of the Birth at Home Midwifery Services midwives and the cheerful willingness of their clientele to have an new apprentice learn on them. Midwifery is about serving, and Kim and Hannah exemplified their servants’ hearts to me through my training and their care of clients; yet another example of the numerous invaluable non-technical midwifery skills they taught me.

One of the things I appreciated most in my training with Birth at Home Midwifery Services is they were true in every way to the motto all midwives know; “Safe for the mother, safe for the baby, safe for the midwife” and incorporated that philosophy into my apprenticeship in such a way that it is ingrained in me so that it influences my every decision in the birth world. Knowing I trained under midwives who practiced safe homebirth midwifery, gives me the confidence to know what a safe decision looks like, and strength to follow their example whatever the circumstances.

If I could go back and do it all again I would in a heartbeat, in the very fast heartbeat of a baby in the womb! My time as an apprentice to Kim and Hannah (and their clients) will always be remembered with fondness, and the skills I acquired will serve me the rest of my life. I fell in love with practicing midwifery with Birth at Home Midwifery Services, and I fell in love with the midwives and clients as well.

Thank you for everything you did for me as an apprentice, and everything you continue to do as you serve the homebirth world. You give the world an example of what midwifery should look like!

Quintin Martin — 5 star

Betty Stravers
It was a pleasure watching and listening to all your many words of wisdom during my daughter’s pregnancy. Your well of knowledge runs VERY deep. You were a calming presence at the time of her delivery – for both her and all present. You are an amazing woman who uses the gifts God has given to help others in a very special way. Blessings!

Ken Moody — 5 star
As a grandparent with nine grandchildren, the importance of dependable, experienced and trustworthy birthing services means a lot. Kim delivered two of our grand kids and was readily available for checkups, questions and consultations. We have known her for many years and enjoy watching with amazement her passion and knowledge of midwifery. if you have questions, she has answers that are honest and thorough and leave you with confidence that she has the baby and families best interest in mind. Our family has used her without reservation. Thank you Kim.

Stephanie Finegan
A beautiful birth! So happy to have gotten to know Hannah a little bit. Kim Woodard Osterholzer has trained her well. I am confident she has the same anointing on her as her mother. I felt so blessed to witness this birth and Hannah in action.

Carol Dyson Busse — 5 star
It has been my true pleasure to be friends with Kim & Hannah for the past 12 years and to also have worked professionally alongside them on occasion. What they do is far more than help babies into the world. They bring their faith, love, expertise, knowledge, friendship, compassion, and commitment into each of their clients’ lives and families. If you are considering midwifery, Birth at Home Midwifery Services is the right place!

Kris Ratkos — 5 star
I count myself an incredibly privileged woman to have birthed all four of my children with Kim in attendance, and the youngest with Hannah as well. Kim offered excellent counsel, encouragement and support from the earliest prenatals to the latest post-partum visits. The gentle presence of both women steadied me in those intense and unspeakably beautiful moments as my husband and I greeted each precious baby. They supplied quiet support, tireless service and wise oversight. I was put to ease by Kim’s knowledgeable decision-making a number of times over the years, and appreciate the attitude of respect and humility they each exude. I am deeply thankful for these two, who went far above and beyond what my family and I could ever have asked for!

Lindsay Bosel — 5 star
Professional and caring, these woman help mothers achieve a healthy pregnancy and natural birth. All three of my sons were born with these ladies in my home to help. I sought traditional medical care concurrently with midwifery services during my first pregnancy, and being able to compare the two directly for the same pregnancy truly showed me that utilizing the Birth at Home Midwifery Services is far superior to any obstetrician in my area. And I know, because for my second son, I tried to find a compassionate doctor who would see me concurrently while knowing I was planning a home birth and there were none to be found. With that son, Kim and Hannah helped me birth my 9.5 lb boy with no damage to my usually 125 lb frame. These women taught my mother, who had two children herself, so much about pregnancy and birth that she now understands why I wanted to go the route of home birth. I cannot say enough about these women!

Dr-Ken Cooper — 5 star
Kim is family. Not by blood, but by choice. After helping us with bringing two of our children into this world, there is no doubt that this wonderful person is and always will be part of our family. Her skills as a midwife truly far exceed most others. Her approach is is so inline with the natural process of having a baby that you never feel that she is there to intervene, but instead to simply assist the natural progression of labor and delivery, all the while accepting, honoring and bringing into view the sacredness of what is happening during a birth. and thanks to her, my wife delivered an 11.5 lb baby naturally, at home, without a single tear!!! God gifts people with a true calling. Kim has heard and answered that call in the role of Midwife. I can’t recommend her enough.



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