The Midwife’s Husband, Part Two

Welcome to the second half of Steve’s Story. When Steve was through watching the film he describes here, he sat up straight in his seat and said through the lump in his throat and with tear-shined eyes, “What are the chances I’ll be able to attend a birth with you sometime?” I smiled as I[…]

The Midwife’s Husband, Part One

My husband, Steve, has joked for a while now about writing an article for my blog about being “The Midwife’s Husband.” One day recently I said I thought he ought to do it! And he sat down with his computer and some four hours later he’d typed out nearly four thousand words! Four thousand words![…]

Six Months in Six Minutes

I’ve shared birth photographs and films here before, but for those of you who’ve never been served by a homebirth midwife, I thought I’d share a short film that illustrates, in addition to a birth, what our prenatal and postpartum visits look like. May you enjoy this distillation of what we do. We’re celebrating this[…]

We’re Live and Preparing the Team!

Hello again, Friends!  So! A Midwife in Amish Country: Celebrating God’s Gift of Life is up and available for pre-order on Amazon and my publisher, Regnery Faith, has created a set of advance reader copies for media and marketing purposes, as well as a digital form of the book exclusively for the members of my launch team!  Watch for news about how you can help me launch this[…]

Autumn Among the Amish, Michigan Part Seven

But those ten weeks of autumn weren’t spent with my children and grandchildren alone. The time began toward the tail-end of a very dry and dusty summertime. Fairly the moment we crossed the line into Amish country on my first trip down, memories kicked up like the clouds of dust Hannah’s car sent billowing skyward behind[…]