Re-Teach Breech!

Oh my goodness! How much we learned! This was my second time through a Breech Without Borders course in the last little better than a year and you know what? I know I’ll take the course again! The Breech-Pro Hybrid Course is excellent. The fifteen hours worth of on-line instruction is incredible, as well as[…]

I Get To Love You

It’s almost impossible to describe the gift it is to be invited to kneel next to folks as they move through one of life’s most profound moments… as they breathe… as they strain… as they breathe… as they groan… as they wrestle… as they breathe… as they cry out… To lean over steaming pools to bathe sweaty[…]

Meet Patrice Bobier, One of Michigan’s Leading Midwives!

Meet my friend, Patrice Bobier, CPM, veteran homebirth midwife of Northern Michigan.  Patrice has attended the births of more than 1,600 babies in just a little less than forty-years! Though Patrice herself may not remember it, I first met her at a Michigan Midwives Association Conference twenty-eight years ago when I was eighteen years old.  Fourteen[…]

What Babies Want – What People Want

This article is from my book, Nourish & Thrive: Happy, Healthy Childbearing. A sentiment expressed in the 2004 documentary, “What Babies Want” moved me to tears. It’s the idea that even babies need our love and our respect, that babies aren’t only conscious participants in their births, they’re more acutely conscious through and around the time of[…]