I Get To Love You

It’s almost impossible to describe the gift it is to be invited to kneel next to folks as they move through one of life’s most profound moments… as they breathe… as they strain… as they breathe… as they groan… as they wrestle… as they breathe… as they cry out… To lean over steaming pools to bathe sweaty[…]

Homebirthing Daddy, Brent Woodard

As tomorrow, 10/13/2015, marks what would’ve been my twenty-fifth wedding anniversary with Brent Woodard, my first husband and the father of my two children, I thought it would be appropriate (and fun!)(Brent was so much fun!) to honor his memory by telling a bit about him and our two homebirths. Brent and I had a[…]

My Favorite Part

This article is from my book, Nourish & Thrive: Happy, Healthy Childbearing. I love witnessing the little ones emerge and unfurl into the light as their fathomless eyes wink and peek beneath their downy brows. But I really think what I love best of all is when all of this transpires under and into the[…]