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Hello, Friends!

I’m excited to announce Dr. David Hayes OB/GYN, with Breech Without Borders will be in Colorado Springs through the third week of November in order to provide the hands-on portion of the new Breech-Pro Hybrid course to the providers of our community!

I was able to attend a Breech Without Borders seminar in the summer of 2019, and I found it far and away the best course on the subject I’ve experienced to date. Though homebirth midwives are not permitted to attended breech births here in Colorado, I do intend to take the course again while David’s here. You just never can know when you may be presented with a little surprise! In such cases, adequate preparation very often makes a life and death difference.

Each participant will need to complete the 10 to12-hour on-line portion of the course prior to the hands-on session with David.

The on-line portion of the course is $250 with scholarships available for indigenous peoples and persons of color which reduces the fee to $175.

The in-person hands-on session is $100.

Completion of the course provides attendees with 15 CEUs.

Any participants who’ve already taken the on-line portion of the course (released in September, 2020) would need only to review the material prior to their hands-on sessions.

In-person, hands-on sessions are planned for Friday, November 20th; Saturday, November 21st; and Sunday, November 22nd at the offices of Organic Home birth, 6180 Lehman Drive, Ste 103, Colorado Springs, CO 80918.

Simply follow this link to register:

Also, a great many kind-hearted and visionary souls have expressed desires to invest in Breech Without Borders! If you’re one of those individuals, then thank you! And follow this link to make a donation:

Kim Woodard Osterholzer, Colorado Springs Homebirth Midwife

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