Welcome, Friends!

I shared this post on Facebook today to inform, to thank, and to invite. If you’ve come here from Facebook then you know already that I’m yet in the thick of attempting to attract the interest of a publisher for my memoir – the book I wrote describing my time as a homebirth midwifery apprentice[…]

Midwife Life, Part Seven: Oh, Baby!

Through my last post in this series I drew you into the nighttime life of a midwife as Emma’s labor began. Join me today and witness the miracle of two becoming three. “Emma? May I come in?” I’d arrived at the cozy, aging farmhouse – a quaint combination of trim and ramshackle, oozing with love and joy,[…]

Welcome, Lola! A Photo Essay

Mama called around three in the morning to tell me she was having short, frequent contractions – contractions surely too short to be accomplishing much. I encouraged her to drink a tall glass of water and hop into an epsom salt bath, and see if they wouldn’t either lengthen or fade away. An hour later, Daddy[…]

Midwife Life, Part Six: And So It Begins

Through my last post in this series describing my time among the Amish, I revealed one of the ways I struggled with my calling. Join me this week as Emma’s labor begins. And so Emma’s pregnancy matured as winter gave way to springtime. Icy roadways turned muddy, hints of green began to peek past patches[…]