Eleanor Bertin’s Endorsement!

“A Midwife in Amish Country is a tale for hopeful teenage girls, for nostalgic menopausal women, for child-bearing and child-rearing mothers. It’s a book of life—its first breath, its seasons, from its ordinary to its heart-stopping moments, and its endings. In it, Kim Osterholzer tells of the midwife’s creed—to keep out of the way and[…]


The 2018 Winter Park Conference was a magnificent success, and those of us who had the pleasure of attending agreed to be part of what we hope will prove the first among many returns of the informative and nourishing event a thing to treasure. Our time together opened with the opportunity to renew our certification[…]

Sara Daigle’s Endorsement!

“With breathtaking beauty, Kim Osterholzer shares her journey into the heart of God and the homes of Amish families giving birth in A Midwife in Amish Country. Real-life insight into Amish homes gives this book a descriptive appeal to anyone wanting to learn more of an Amish community. Kim’s personal journey weaves through her stories,[…]

Colorado Springs Book Signings!

We’ve had our first two signing events! Both were such fun days filled with friends old and new, and we were shocked to sign and sell a grand total of 31 books! We approached the events warned new authors—especially new authors selling hardback books—don’t often do too well at signings, so I’m sure you can[…]

Another Sara Wickham Book! What’s Right For Me?

Whether you’re preparing to give birth now or simply hope to one day do so, I enthusiastically recommend this book. Our inimitable Sara strikes again with a sweet little tool designed to help birthing women determine what they truly need and want for themselves and their babies amidst a cacophony of options and opinions. Sara[…]