Sad, Sweet Season

“To everything there’s a season… A time… And the Lord’s made everything beautiful in its time…“ Ecclesiastes 3:1, 11 This season… Since I was of cognitive thought I’ve experienced the span of days from ThanksGiving through Christmas to New Year as a single, wondrous season… A season brimming with the very warmest of memories… A[…]

Oh, Please! Hire a Birth Photographer!

Many thanks to Danica Donnelly for inviting my to share how I feel about birth photography on her blog! It was a joy to write a short story about a thing I cherish so! And I do cherish it so! Yes, I’m a midwife and I get paid real money (well, usually–I’ve been known to[…]

Are You Ever Too Late?

Amish America recently sent me a list of questions their readers submitted in response to an article about my book. Erik Wesner, the site’s editor, gave me permission to share a few here on my own site! I thought I’d start with this one and fill in a bit more of the story. “Are you[…]

Mothering a Midwife

3:49 a.m., Saturday morning, October 27th The jangling of my telephone jolted me awake. “Mom—I just hit another deer.” … I’m incredibly proud of my daughter, Hannah Simmons, one of southwest Michigan’s handful of wonderful homebirth midwives. … Hannah tagged along to a number of births through her girlhood—invited by expectant mothers in hopes her[…]

Back Home—Veronica, the Windi, and a Pair of Vaselined Babies

The theme of my posts these days seems to be “done is better than perfect!” So, here’s another little snippet of my life for you taste. It’s not perfect, but it’s done, and I do hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I did living it! Here we go! We threw a party[…]

I Hardly Know Where to Start!

Hello again, Friends! Well! I want to get back after blogging, but I seriously hardly know where to start… Three months ago I stepped off into summer and summer grabbed me up and swirled me away! Family! Friends! Births! Book signings! Introductions! Reunions! Talks! Vacation! More family! I want to tell you all about it,[…]

To a Wild and Woolly Life! Michigan Part Six

“Don’t pick that up!” “Put that down!” “No, that really IS too heavy for you!” These were the exclamations that filled my ears in the last weeks of my pregnancy as we hurried and scurried to prepare to move as my due date loomed closer and closer! Jesse or Mom would say something akin to[…]

It’s There in the Newborn Cry, Michigan Part Five

Hannah didn’t give birth the night Megan sent me home with the necklace, and we’re glad she didn’t. She and Jesse were in the process of purchasing a house and we were determined to get her into it before Elyse made her appearance. Hannah and Jesse closed on their home, a lovely little place tucked[…]