Sad, Sweet Season

“To everything there’s a season… A time… And the Lord’s made everything beautiful in its time…“ Ecclesiastes 3:1, 11 This season… Since I was of cognitive thought I’ve experienced the span of days from ThanksGiving through Christmas to New Year as a single, wondrous season… A season brimming with the very warmest of memories… A[…]

Loss & Life Anew

I thought I’d flesh out the story that was published on Katie Reid’s blog last week called Fear and Doorknobs.  Maybe you read it!  I introduced it here on my blog with the title Peace and Grace and a little teaser piece.  The theme of the blog post series is listening to the Voice of[…]

Peace and Grace

Good morning, Friends! I’m excited to tell you that my friend, Katie Reid, has honored me with an invitation to share about a time I felt God speak to me for an episode of her Listen Close, Listen Well: Lean in, My Daughters series of blog posts. I’ve been blessed many times through my life to[…]