September 12, 2016


Sarah York of Colorado Springs is the newest addition to Birth @Home Midwifery Services.

She’s Co-owner of and Birth Doula with The Doula Circle; a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist; and a Henna Artist. Sarah is working on her Herbalism certification, and is now working under Kim as an apprentice learning the ancient art of midwifery.



Having worked as a doula and midwife assistant for over four years, Sarah has had the opportunity to attend nearly 200 births, and has seen birth in many of its variations. She believes that women have the right to choose where and how they birth, and that it’s the woman and the family that should be at the center of their own care, working with their providers to choose what’s best for their family.

Ever since beginning her work with pregnancy and birth, Sarah has aspired to train as a homebirth midwife, however, it’s only now, after many years of living on-call and learning more about birth, that she feels prepared to committing to that goal. Birthwork is not for the faint of heart, to be sure!




Sarah is Co-Owner of The Doula Circle, which provides an abundance of services ranging from Birth to Postpartum. Sarah and her business partner, Bea Wilds, have worked hard to create a welcoming space for pregnant and birthing families, a place where they are cradled in community, supported by many, and able to find whatever they might need along their journey. Full circle support, every step of the way. Learn more about their unique model of Doula Care and their Birth Recovery Support which includes Bengkung Belly Binding.

Sarah has three children, who are her ultimate spiritual guides, encouraging her to learn, grow, and continually cultivate patience and joy. She lives on the west side of Colorado Springs with her supportive husband, children, and their dog, Bacon.





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