Hats Off to Hannah and Sarah!

My first week in Michigan this summer I was blessed with the privilege of attending three births with my daughter, Hannah! The first of those births I also attended with Sarah Donahue, a client, a friend, and now, thanks to my son’s recent wedding, family. I had to include both photographs here since we couldn’t get the babies[…]

My Favorite Part

This article is from my book, Nourish & Thrive: Happy, Healthy Childbearing. I love witnessing the little ones emerge and unfurl into the light as their fathomless eyes wink and peek beneath their downy brows. But I really think what I love best of all is when all of this transpires under and into the[…]

Sarah’s Sweets

I met Sarah Lawrence several years ago now and, though I wasn’t able to attend her first birth at home due to complications, and had moved away by the time she birthed her second, our souls struck a cord, and we’ve loved one another ever since. Sarah’s a beautiful woman all through, a dedicated wife and mother,[…]